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Float frontFloat front

FLOAT is a meticulously crafted and beautifully designed vacuum suction mount that attaches to smooth surfaces throughout your home.

With FLOAT you can use your devices in the shower, above the sink, at your vanity, around the kitchen, in the bath, and more.

“FLOAT is worth every penny.”

Sam B., Philadelphia


float turns your
mondays into fridays

don’t let your showering disrupt your tv marathon


“FLOAT is super easy to attach and remove. I use it when I get ready in the morning and when I shower.”


“I finish my podcasts while I take my showers with FLOAT.”

Made for Smooth & Flat Surfaces

Glass surface


Tile surface


Marble surface


Plastic surface


Metal surface


Mirror surface


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“FLOAT’s suction is crazy powerful—you won’t believe how strong it is until you try to pull it off!”

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Simple to Attach and Detach

Float frontFloat side

follow your recipes with float

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the originalThe Original Float

Designed and Assembled in America

Thermoplastics Manufactured in America

Rubber Polymer Sourced from Asia